General Sites:
Europa - Fusion Research
Fusion of Energy (F4E)
ITER: The way to a benign and limitless new energy source - New Scientist
Other sites:
Austria: The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)
Belgium: The Royal Military School (ERM/KMS)
The Free University of Brussels (ULB)
The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK/CEN)
Bulgaria: Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski ,
Bulgarian Academy of Science ,
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy - IRNE, Sofia
France: CEA Cadarache
Czech Republic: Institute of Plasma Physics
Denmark: RISÖ National Laboratory
Finland: National Technology Agency (TEKES)
Germany: Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute for Plasma Physics
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Programme Nuclear Fusion
Greece: HellasFusion - The official page of the National Programmme
Hungary: KFKI-RMKI Dept of Plasma Physics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Ireland: Dublin City University, School of Physical Sciences
University College Cork, ASL, EEM and Physics Depts
Italy: ENEA - Fusion , official ENEA Fusion web site
FTU: Frascati Tokamak Upgrade
CNR-Milan, Institute for Plasma Physics
Consorzio RFX
Latvia: Latvia: Institute of Solid state physics, University of Latvia, Riga ,
Institute of physics, University of Latvia, Salaspils ,
Netherlands: FOM Institute for Plasma Physics "Rijnhuizen"
NRG Petten
Portugal: Instituto Superior Técnico, Centro de Fusão Nuclear
Romania: InnovationMinistry for Education and Research (MEC)
Institute of Atomic Physics
Slovak Republic: Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics ,
Slovak University of technology
Slovak academy of Sciences, Institute of Elecrical Engineering
Slovenia: Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljublijana
Spain: CIEMAT, National Fusion Laboratory
Sweden: The Swedish Research Council
The Royal Institute of Technology, Alfvén Laboratory
Switzerland: EPFL, Centre for Plasma Physics research (CRPP)
United Kingdom: UKAEA - Culham Science Centre

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